Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Ten Thousand and Forty

Ten Thousand is the number of total "life-time" page views this blog earned today, thanks to a little burst of traffic sent by Happy Little Trees on The Miniatures Page. Thanks to all who have visited, especially those following I haven't yet met. Welcome!

And Forty is the number of degrees Fahrenheit the Twin Cities saw today, which permitted the acrylic spraying of the newest batch of trees for the Forest Edge Strip project.

See ya!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Picked Up Some Reading Materials in Japan. . .

Well. . . sorta. I bought a couple of magazines in the Narita Airport last month on the way to Hong Kong to visit a trade show. And I can't actually read them. I bought them for the pictures. I am obviously getting older; the kinds of magazines I buy for the pictures has changed!

The magazine pictured above had a great deal of coverage of what looks like a current movie or series about medieval Japan. The images I found most interesting show drawings or photos of fortifications:

The second magaze purchased. . .

. . . has a great deal of World War 2 coverage that looks intriguing, but it was a calendar featuring more castle images that really caught my eye:

I'll game the period eventually : )

See ya!