Sunday, August 21, 2016

Recruits is a month away!

Next month at Recruits in Lee's Summit, Missouri, I'll be helping the convention's Guest of Honor, The Baron, showcase his Fistful of Lead skirmish rules. I'll be showing off the new pending Horse and Musket variant. The games will be smaller in size - but not in scale - than my usual set-ups, so I plan to run a couple different scenarios to highlight the versatility of the rules and the period. OK. . . so I'm limiting the "period" to the French and Indian War era of the Horse and Musket period, but there is versatility nonetheless!

The first scenario comes from the new Horse and Musket book; it is set in the French and Indian War and is a classic raid on a colonial farmstead. The map for this game is shown above.

The second game planned also comes from the Horse and Musket book, but is set during the American Revolution. Just changing the troops involved makes it work perfectly for the French and Indian War, too. Here's the map for this game:

Looks like there could be an ambush involved : )

I just have a few figure bases to finish and some terrain to fuss over, then we'll be all ready for the debut of Fistful of Lead: Horse and Musket.

See ya! 

Monday, August 8, 2016

What was I thinking?

Last post I showed you some new markers I picked up for Black Powder. A couple days later I pulled out my copy of Fistful of Lead to do a little research in preparation for a game to be run at Recruits next month. . . and I rediscovered these great markers the Baron made for his last Kickstarter. Gotta git me some more!

And now for something completely different. Here's a shot of the newly-opened Game Space at Casa FusterCluck. Perhaps the future home of the Basement Generals North : )

You can see the portable ping pong tables against the wall on the far right. 5' x 9' of gaming table goodness. And when there's no game in progress I've got a great exercise area!

Monday, August 1, 2016

If The Game's Gotta Have Markers. . .

I prefer not to have markers on my game table. If I have to use them, I want them to be functional first, and then meet an aesthetic standard. The white and red D4s (die with 4 sides numbered 1 through 4) I have been using to track "volume of fire" and "disruptions" in my games of This Very Ground, and "hits" in Black Powder are very functional but perhaps a little distracting on the table. So I'm always on the lookout for nice markers.

I found these wooden markers at a local (Twin Cities) game store, and it turns out they're made by a local artist. Check out TRE Games here for lots of cool toys. 

I like the simple, wooden look of these markers. I used a red colored pencil to color the inset numbers to represent "excess hits" when needed. Here is how they'll look with a typical "small" Black Powder unit - representing a third of a battalion on my table.

 Like 'em?