Monday, August 1, 2016

If The Game's Gotta Have Markers. . .

I prefer not to have markers on my game table. If I have to use them, I want them to be functional first, and then meet an aesthetic standard. The white and red D4s (die with 4 sides numbered 1 through 4) I have been using to track "volume of fire" and "disruptions" in my games of This Very Ground, and "hits" in Black Powder are very functional but perhaps a little distracting on the table. So I'm always on the lookout for nice markers.

I found these wooden markers at a local (Twin Cities) game store, and it turns out they're made by a local artist. Check out TRE Games here for lots of cool toys. 

I like the simple, wooden look of these markers. I used a red colored pencil to color the inset numbers to represent "excess hits" when needed. Here is how they'll look with a typical "small" Black Powder unit - representing a third of a battalion on my table.

 Like 'em?


  1. Litko makes blood splatter tokens out of acrylic.

    Or you could make your own out of shrinky dinks.

  2. Hi Stu. I like the blood splatters but they don't look right in the grass. . . to me.