Sunday, June 25, 2017

Muskets and Mohawks

We played our first full game of Two Hour Wargames' Muskets and Mohawks on Saturday at The Source in Roseville, MN. It was the first time Aaron and I played together and the game was a real nail-biter.

The Source was very welcoming and even provided a hand-cart to unload and load the game terrain - anyone who's ever seen me pack this project around knows a cart is a god-send!
Stay tuned for an AAR and some thoughts on the rules in the next week or so.

See ya!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

In space no one can hear you scream "Wagons ho!"

This is a close-up photo of my new "space" mat from Cor-Sec Engineering. I bought the 80" x 60" size as a basis for my enlarged 1/2500-scale StarTrek: Attack Wing project - or whatever I end up playing. Says Cor-Sec:

Our mats are printed on heavy fleece. This synthetic fiber allows for a durable and vibrant mat. The colors are not shiny like vinyl mats.  It is 100% Polyester. It doesn't fray and can be folded or machine washed. They can be transported easily and hold up to heavy use.

The mat is very light-weight, the printed color is vibrant and the edges are folded and "hemmed" for durability.

So why Wagons ho?! I got a new wagon. The new Conestoga wagon from John Jenkins Designs. It's very cool (can an 18th-century wagon be cool?) with a complicated bit of hook and chain harnessing for 6 horses. It will be very complicated to "move" during a game so it may become part of a set-piece terrain unless I figure out a way to base it with horses that is functional and looks good. Might be a tall order. . .

And. . . if you happen to live in the Twin Cities, you are invited to play Muskets and Mohawks with us at The Source this Saturday afternoon. No experience necessary : )

Happy Father's Day!