Saturday, December 19, 2015

Modern MicroArmor?

Here's something you may never see again on this blog - Cold War action! Or in this case Cold War gone hot. I was invited to join a game of Challenger 2000 (I think) at our local Recon gaming event. 

I was on the Russian team, tasked with clearing the Americans from the urban area, somewhere in Europe, pictured above. American armor and infantry held the urban center, with armored support in the wooded areas on both sides of the town. While my team mates provided fire support on the American armor on the flanks, I was tasked with rushing two companies of Soviet infantry in BMPs into the town from the cover of some woods and a white phosphorous smoke screen. "Expect some casualties," I was told.

 My small armored company of T-90s suppressed the American tanks in the woods initially but were soon destroyed in turn. My infantry then dismounted behind the smokescreen and headed toward the town on foot, with the BMPs racing ahead to try to neutralize the American infantry in the buildings.

Then suddenly a British armored column appeared on our right flank and started a turkey shoot on my BMPs!

 While my infantry worked its way into town, my team mate (Bruce) chased the American armor out of the woods on our left flank . . . and into the town where I assume the rest of the fighting took place. 

I "assume" because I had to leave the game before it was finished - a definite "party foul" on my part but couldn't be helped. I wonder if "we" cleared the town, too. 

See ya!

Oh. . . and Merry Christmas!