Sunday, November 19, 2017

If One Magician Is Good, Two Should Be Twice As Good!

We played a double-size game of D3H2 (DBA 3.0 with HOTT elements and rules added) this weekend at Village Games - Undead vs Gauls. It was a story of quantity - the Undead - vs quality - the Gauls. Bruce changed up his army construct; 2 Magicians and 4 Heroes with Warbands, Cavalry and Light Chariots in support. The Undead's larger command was led by a Magician with Hordes, Behemoths and Knights. The second command was all aerial, led by an Aerial Hero (Cruella, of course). I decided to field DBA-style Hordes - the kind that don't regenerate a la HOTT - as they cost less in points and are actually pretty tough on their own. As it turned out, the Hordes were not among the casualties. . .

The Gauls defended and laid out lots of terrain, which forced the fight to the open center of the field. The Undead Behemoths formed the center of their line, to face the Gallic Heroes.

The Undead had good PIPs early in the game; enough for Cruella and her Flyers to separate and assist in several combats, leading to the deaths of 3 of the 4 Gallic Heroes. Then Cruella made a fatal mistake, regrouping her command while in the bespelling range of the two Gallic Magicians. And just like that, The Magicians encsorceled her (hence the "little bat" marker in the photos), which demoralized the command!

Of course, that's when my Pips dried up, so I couldn't keep the Flyers from fleeing the field. Though the front Gallic command broke soon after, the Undead reached their army break point level first, just ahead of the Gauls. Victory: Gauls!

As the sun sets on the field, the Undead quit the battle. . .

Next to us, George and friends were playing Cold War-era micro armor. . . Challenger 2000, I think. 

See ya!