Sunday, June 18, 2017

In space no one can hear you scream "Wagons ho!"

This is a close-up photo of my new "space" mat from Cor-Sec Engineering. I bought the 80" x 60" size as a basis for my enlarged 1/2500-scale StarTrek: Attack Wing project - or whatever I end up playing. Says Cor-Sec:

Our mats are printed on heavy fleece. This synthetic fiber allows for a durable and vibrant mat. The colors are not shiny like vinyl mats.  It is 100% Polyester. It doesn't fray and can be folded or machine washed. They can be transported easily and hold up to heavy use.

The mat is very light-weight, the printed color is vibrant and the edges are folded and "hemmed" for durability.

So why Wagons ho?! I got a new wagon. The new Conestoga wagon from John Jenkins Designs. It's very cool (can an 18th-century wagon be cool?) with a complicated bit of hook and chain harnessing for 6 horses. It will be very complicated to "move" during a game so it may become part of a set-piece terrain unless I figure out a way to base it with horses that is functional and looks good. Might be a tall order. . .

And. . . if you happen to live in the Twin Cities, you are invited to play Muskets and Mohawks with us at The Source this Saturday afternoon. No experience necessary : )

Happy Father's Day!