Monday, May 7, 2012

Just Jack!

Jack is the newest member of our family. He's been with us for two weeks now. He's doing really well. I am excited about that because Jack was a bit of an "impulse adoption." He's active, eats, drinks and poops. None of this can be taken for granted with a chameleon.

So what has Jack got to do with games? I am officially labeling Jack as a "Distraction." I get distracted a lot. Sometimes I'll share those distractions. Other times there will just be spells of time between posts. . .

So what's up next in my game world? I am working on that F&IW scenario for the "Twentieth Recruits" for which Lead Addict threw down the gauntlet. I want it to be special, but still playable. . . and maybe even balanced!

Will also share some Crimson Skies toys, as soon as I finish painting The People's Collective Wing that I started before I left Tulsa. . .

See ya.

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