Sunday, December 2, 2012

Spotlight on the People's Collective

Here is a look at the air force of the People's Collective, the Christian socialist nation in the Crimson Skies universe situated in what was once the upper midwest of the United States and part of Canada; specifically Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Manitoba and part of Saskatchewan. As the Collective's principal enemies are The Industrial Sates of America and the Republic of Texas, they serve as the generic military "bad guys" in our game universe.

The Collective is represented by the the militia squadron, the Wichita Windstorm, based obviously enough in Wichita, Kansas. The squadron is built around a single Scout-class Zeppelin, the Windshear:

Model info: this is a stock build of the Revell 1/200 scale Zeppelin NT plastic kit. I added turrets and guns along the hull sides.

The squadron's aircraft are organized into three Wings. Red Wing consists of one Stalwart and two Defenders, all Collective-designed and -built planes:

Blue Wing is organized just like Red Wing:

Yellow Wing has some unusual assets for a Collective squadron; aircraft "purchased" outside the Collective. The light, fast Buccaneer performs scout and reconnaissance duty while the lumbering, armored Phalanx is used in ground attack roles:

And glider-borne tanks! The Collective has been experimenting with "break-away" gliders as a means to drop heavy support weapons into border hot-spots when needed:

Now we have enough aircraft to play. . .

See ya!


  1. Still needs to get me some of those decals.

  2. Nice planes and nice Zep!

    You know that there are semi-official rules for zeps on the montana raiders website?

    You are welcome to drop by the forum

    1. Thanks; and for the invite, Jici. I found the zep rules on the forum a little while back. Haven't had a chance to play 'em yet.

  3. P.S. Where did you get the decals???

    1. I made the decals. Pulled the logos from the old CS website before it went dark and printed onto Detail Master DM9101 decal paper with a laser printer.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks, Addict. Did you recognize your old skeletons in the earlier HOTT post?