Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy New Year from the Frontier!

No high-minded resolutions or lofty goals for 2013 here. Work has me pretty busy, so The Goal over the next few weeks is to further existing projects that can be tackled in smallish increments. So back to the French and Indian War and varnishing. Here are some civilian types completed over the holiday break. First up is a Canadian frontiersman bartering with a young Indian from the Jenkins' "His First Musket" set:

Next up are civilians from the "Civilians 1 and 2" sets, defending their homesteads. The figure in the center of the photo is "Samuel 'Sandy' Jenkins, Wagoner" from one of the Jenkins' Annual Collector sets:

This is a French Marine from the "The Prisoner" set escorted by "Prince, Rogers' (as in Rogers' Rangers) Servant:"

Can you say "Last of the Mohicans?" Cora and Alice come to you via "The Captives:"

Indians have been hunting and gathering; from "The Hunters" and "The Gatherers." The young man with the bow is the "Young Mohawk Warrior:"

And finally, two British naval personnel present, and killed, at the Battle of the Monongahela, "Spendelowe and Haynes:"

Some good "characters" that will add color to future skirmishes. Possibly at Spring Recruits : )

Happy New year. See ya!


  1. I really like your fabulous work, pictures are amazing, the subjects unusual, and your colors great! Fantastic post, thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Phil; thanks for the compliments. I can only take so much credit for the Jenkins figures and the JG terrain. . . I mostly have the sense to use them together and am fortunate enough to have the resources to collect them! Of course, resources used here do force cut-backs in other areas : )