Sunday, July 21, 2013

Quick Little F&IW Repaint Project

I am repainting my Jenkins officers and standards for the 44th. The officer on the far right with the King's Colors is stock and won't change. The officer on the left with the Regimental Standard belongs originally to the 47th, so will get the most paint: gaiters will be brown, trousers and waistcoat will be linen, and of course the Regimental facings will be yellow. The standard came from the 28th - I changed the Regimental number previously. The drummer will just get brown gaiters, and the officer in front - originally from the Jenkins "Death of Wolfe" set - will get new yellow facings.

Why? I had the original officer and color set but found as it was an early Jenkins release it wasn't up to his later quality standards. So I sold it to follow this path, instead. The blog title does warn of "obsession," after all.

Hope to have the repaints done next weekend.

Now what should I do for Recruits in September? 

See ya!

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