Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fort Ligonier; My French and Indian War tour Part 3

More Fort Ligonier. . .

More walking along the perimeter walls. . . Look! A moat!

Finished up at the gift shop where I purchased two books. Outposts of the War for Empire by Charles Morse Stotz is a big coffee table format book with lots of very good plan illustrations of the fort architecture of both the French and English during the F&IW. Robert Rogers' Rules for the Ranging Service by Matt Wulff is an analysis of the actual written rules crafted by Rogers. Good stuff.

On to Fort Pitt!


  1. Great series of posts. The fort looks really well maintained.

    1. Thanks. The fort is very well maintained; I was impressed. Even had a "staff officer" manning the HQ dressed n period dress and ready to answer questions. As it was a weekday and there were only a handful of visitors, we had a nice chat : )

  2. She knows better so woudn't go on the trip : )