Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hear no evil, see no. . . whatever.

Outside of a little terrain building, which I'll post when more finished, I don't have much to show for the last few weeks. I did base a few of the new John Jenkins Indians, along with Captain Joseph Waite, who completes my 10-man Ranger unit.

I also picked up Osprey's new rules for Samurai skirmish gaming, Ronin. Of course I haven't played them, but the book is beautifully presented and the rules are a straight-forward read. Lots of good Sengoku Jidai period flavor, with some nods to other eras, ranging from the 12th Century Mongol Invasions of the Kamakura period up to 19th Century Late Edo (as in the movie The Last Samurai). Might even tempt me to paint some of those Perry Samurai languishing in the Great Lead Hoard.

See ya!


  1. Do it. My set should be coming for xmas. I hope.

  2. Waite is a superb figure as are those new Indians