Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Virtues of War and News from the Forest

I'll start this post with a "Book Like" for Steven Pressfield's The Virtues of War, a Novel of Alexander the Great.  Mr. Pressfield has a real gift for vivid battlefield description, use of credible military slang and insightful character "re-imagining." I thoroughly enjoyed this novel; at least as much as his Gates of Fire, and even more than Tides of War.

What's happening in "The Forest?" Work proceeds slowly on the "Forest Edge Strip" project:

And then I got distracted. . . but at least it is still part of the same overall project. I "need" a Sergeant and Corporal for my unit of Grenadiers from the British 28th Regiment - John Jenkins has not produced Grenadier NCOs for the 28th. I repainted the Sergeant and Corporal figures from the 44th set in the "colors" of the 28th, but I have never been happy with the repaints, and the figures have all of the field kit, while the Grenadiers for the 28th don't, so they never really seemed to "match."

So this morning I got up and using two of the figures from the 28th "Firing" sets,

. . . sculpted a sash for the Sergeant and extra cord for the corporal:

 I'll post photos after the painting is complete.

 See ya!

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