Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Another Recruits Is History.

Recruits XXIII was all good. Always good to see "old friends." It's great making new friends, too. ArkieGamer is a new friend. He wrote some nice things on his blog about "Bloody Morning Scout," took some really good photos and played the commander of the British forces in the first of my two games with class and enthusiasm. I'll get to an AAR later this week, but for now, ArkieGamer provides an excellent look at Game One here. Above is one of my pics from the game.

What else was good? The "Forest Edge Strips" debuted and worked exactly as planned - set up and tear down was sped up considerably. Yes, the game still takes a while to set up, but now it's a "shorter" while. The new Marshes also made a first appearance and were successfully navigated by both Provincials and Natives. The assorted plastic storage boxes that house the game components (terrain and soldiers) got them from Minneapolis to Lee's Summit and back again with no damage - and on the return trip were challenged by an "older gentleman" who signaled a lane change without looking to see if the lane was available before making said change. I had to brake suddenly to avoid an impact, which of course caused the "load" to shift, but a well-packed load and the right storage boxes saved the day.

And it's good to have lots of games to choose from. I didn't have a chance to play any other games, but I did have a quick look around after setting up. Here are a few photos of some of these other games. Seven Years War:


Medieval FUBAR (I think):


Sudan, 1884:

Little Wichita, 1870:

Wild West Exodus (I think):

War of 1812:

Star Wars X-Wing:

It's all good : ) 

Stay tuned for a more in-depth look at both games of "Bloody Morning Scout." It was fun to see how differently they played out.

See ya!

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