Saturday, December 20, 2014

Even More HOTTs

Our most recent afternoon of HOTTs found the Undead facing the Sea King Armored Division again. The Undead featured 8 elements of Hordes, 3 Knights, Shooters, 2 Flyers and a Magician General. The Sea King, defending, brought Shooters, 4 Warbands, 2 Blades, a Behemoth, Riders and a Hero General.

First blood went to the Undead as the Sea King Behemoth fell to a Magic attack, then the Knights swarmed the Hero's flank with support from the Flyers.

While the Warbands chewed through the Undead Hordes on the opposite flank, the Knights surrounded the Sea King Hero General, and with a combination of a hard flank and great combat dice. . .

. . . ended the battle by killing the General. Game One to the Undead. 

The Undead defended in Game Two, facing a modified all mounted and Aerial Sea King Armored Division.

From left to right: Rider General, 5 more Riders, a Hero, another Rider and 2 Airboats behind.

The Undead Flyers were sent out in advance and were promptly jumped by the Airboats. One Flyer was killed; the second was able to escape and cause some damage to one of the two mounted columns that had formed on each flank. . .

. . . until it was hunted down by the Airboats and Hero.

I began to realize that I had tied up the Sea King Airboats with the Flyers but with Hordes and Knights as the main part of my army, did not have enough mobility to engage while I had an advantage. I was going to have to sit tight and wait for an opportunity to counterpunch.

The Airboats attacked the Hordes on a Steep Hill and were repulsed. Then the Sea king Hero wandered within range of my Magician and on the second attempt was Ensorceled. Counterpunch Number One scored!

The Hero ALMOST made it to the Shooters before succumbing to the Magic attack. A series of low Pip rolls by the Sea King permitted the Undead Knights on the left flank to close the range to the Sea King right flank. . .

. . . and separate the Rider General from the column and surround it for the kill. Game Two to the Undead.

In Game 3 we faced a new opponent. . .

. . . Barbarians! From left to right: 4 Warbands, 3 Heroes - the rightmost the General - and 2 more Warbands. True to character they advanced at full speed across the open ground in the middle of the field, spoiling for a fight.

My army was full of "cheaper" troops so my line was longer. When the two battle lines met, the Heroes recoiled the Hordes iin front of them while the Undead Knights, unopposed to their front, wheeled onto the Barbarian flank and killed the 2 Warbands.

Then the battle got so tense I forgot to take pictures! I was able to wheel the Knights into line behind the Heroes and was setting up a combination front and rear attack when the Heroes suddenly attacked the Knights and defeated them in detail before I could pull off my own attack.

In my last bound of the game I elected to make a 3-pip move to potentially kill 2 Warbands for the win rather than "bring back" 3 Hordes to prolong what seemed inevitable with the Heroes on the rampage. . .

. . . and lost the die roll. The next bound the Heroes got the last kill needed for the win. Game 3 to the Sea King Armored Division.

More fun Hott stuff. Welcome to those that stopped by to chat. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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