Saturday, September 19, 2015

Hunting Grounds: Game Two at Recruits

Game Two started at 9am Saturday morning and deployments were similar to the previous game, including one unit of Indians that started in the farmhouse. We had one Indian player that had played the night before and his advice to his team mates was to start as close to the southern edge of the farmstead as possible. The player that deployed in the house ignored that advice. . . begin foreshadowing music. . .

You can review the scenario here and the AAR of Game One here.

And so the running firefight begins. . .

 . . . and the Indians finally leave the house hoping to get away before the Rangers can cut them off.

Then a tied Initiative roll triggered a Special Event; the re-roll going to the Rangers. The Ranger unit closest to an Indian unit is suddenly joined by "The Peacher," toting both a bible and a musket, adding an able body and commander-worthy Courage rating - to reflect the power of The Good Book - to a seriously depleted and grateful unit.

A second tied Initiative Roll went to the Indians triggering another Special Event. The Indian unit closest to a Ranger unit was suddenly seen to be leading a captive! Appropriately enough, this turned out to be the Indians that had been deployed in the farmhouse. . . and now we all knew what the delay had been about!

The Captive was worth 3 victory points to the side that had possession of her at game's end. The Indian owner immediately asked if he could "tomahawk her," in true stereotypical roleplay fashion, to deny the Rangers the potential points. I replied, "Of course," but he decided to wait.

A threatened charge by the Indians sent The Preacher and his Rangers over the wall but Ranger support provided covering fire that disrupted the Indians. While disrupted the Indians couldn't do any tomahawking. . .

And there was a chance that The Captive could be hit if the unit was fired on. . .

The game wrapped up when the last Indian holding The Captive was killed, after which the Rangers "rescued" her, while the remaining warriors left the field.

When we counted up the points we got a dead even tie! "Arrgghhh! I should'a tomahawked her!" Indeed, those three points denied the Rangers would have given the Indians the victory!

Sidebar. . .

On the table next door The Baron was running a game using wooden miniatures! Same era and figure scale as Hunting Grounds but with a very different aesthetic. Check it out here.

Next post: Game Three. Oh, and this is my 100th post to the Cluck Amok blog!

See ya!


  1. Congrats on the 100th post! Funny enough, that Wooden Wars game was partly run by a good friend of mine Thomas Foss, small gaming world!!

  2. Thanks, Jay. Very small world! The Baron is a good friend of mine, so I met Thomas, too. I planned to play in one of the Wooden Wars games but I had a request to run Hunting Grounds again and couldn't say no. . .