Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Taking the F&IW on the road. . .

My 54mm French and Indian War game is heading down to Oklahoma City. . . Oklahoma. . . later this month (March 25th and 26th) for TwisterCon XII. We're going to play two games, one Friday night and the second Saturday morning.

The game is called Blooding at Jenkins Ford and is described in the program: 

French and Indian War. This scenario represents one of the many small skirmishes that erupted in the forests of North America as colonial defenses, bolstered by English Regiments, sprung up after the defeat of General Braddock at the Battle of the Monongahela. French and Indians dispute British and Colonial control of a key river ford on the frontier.

Scale is 54mm and features my collection of John Jenkins models; rules are This Very Ground by Iron Ivan Games

I haven't been to TwisterCon before, but the program looks fun; plenty of games, vendors and even a flea market. Come see us if you're in the neighborhood. 

Then next month we'll play a lot closer to home at the next Recon, here in Minneapolis, on April 23rd. A lot less driving for yours truly! Scenario still TBD. 

See ya (maybe for real)!


  1. Good luck with your games. I've considered making the trip to TwisterCon these past couple of years. It's not too far for me to drive up from Dallas/Ft. Worth.

    1. Thanks, Rod. Consider yourself personally invited to come and play with my toys : )

  2. The all characters are (in my opinion) very successful coloring.