Monday, February 27, 2017

Star Trek. . . on the Floor?

The "Game Room" at Castle FusterCluck is actually more of an "Exercise Room" - or dojo - at the moment, but at the end of one my workouts I caught myself just staring at the mats I put on the floor. . .

. . . and seeing starships!

Still not even close to the actual scale, but gettin' there! And I get to play on the floor : )


  1. my knees hurt just looking at that.

  2. My knees hurt all the time, now. Not like I think anyone will actually play this way, though I will try it : )

  3. Oh man ... to play with those old kits ... large ships ... don't recall the scale but the models were about a foot long ... that would be impressive :-)

  4. You're right! That would be SO impressive! I have to stop thinking about that now. Right now!

    1. lol .. you know you want to ... funny enough I went right to Google and found an very good range of 1/1000 scale ships from two different manufacturers ;-)

  5. I DO want to :) I'm thinking even bigger - like the 1/537 or 1/350 scale models, all lit up like on the TrekWorks YouTube channel! Then we'll need a bigger floor *sigh*