Monday, April 16, 2018

Wilderness Terrain "Tree Point Oh!"

I've played enough games on this terrain now to think I need a "final" set of "evolutions" to improve the overall playing and aesthetic experience. It's kind of a disease, actually. . . nothing is ever finished with me (huge eyeroll).

To improve ease of play, I'm making two changes. First, I'm replacing the grassy gradual slopes that cause my model soldiers to continually tip over with "terraced" hills. I haven't actually completed any yet but am actually just taking the concept of the cork "woods" tiles and covering them with fur "grass," a la:

Second, I'm changing the slopes, including the "woods" slopes, from 4 levels to 3, to make it easier to fit the bases of the models onto the terraces. Here are examples of the new tiles:

I'm guessing you already noticed the aesthetic changes. . . I added some green mossy texture and masses of "leaves" collecting along the edges of the terraces. Even without the usual logs, rocks and assorted scatter terrain, the following photos show how the new terrain starts to give the impression of mature old wood forest floors with the addition of a few "trees." And we still have plenty of flat tabletop for our model soldiers to fight over!

 Looking forward to some gaming!

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