Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Sharp Practice 2 comes to the Bloody Red Farmhouse

We played our first game of Sharp Practice 2 from Too Fat Lardies this past Memorial Day weekend at Chateau FusterCluck. It was an epic confrontation - at least in terms of game length - that centered around my new John Jenkins little red farmhouse, known hereafter as the "Bloody Red Farmhouse."

And of course the climax of the game was a massive Native assault on said farmhouse.

Check back in a week or so to see what led up to the assault, how it played out, and some thoughts on Sharp Practice 2.

Hope you had a chance to thank a veteran for his or her service this past Memorial Day. Love and prayers to my nephew, who begins his career in the U.S. Army tomorrow!

See ya!


  1. Hi Ray - hope you like the full report when posted! Baron - I plan to bring something F&IW. Don't have a plan yet.