Saturday, October 12, 2019

Revenge. . . 1759-style at Recruits Part Four. . . Finale

Game Four Saturday Evening 

We had 8 players for the last game of the day, so we added another group of British Rangers and another of Natives; 4 players on each side. Two of the players were repeats from earlier games - they wanted another go! I was a little tired and starting to lose my voice, so asked Jamie to take over some of the photography duties so I could focus on the game. 

The British and Colonial strategy was different in this game. They came on in force on the edge closest to the canoes, determined to make the fight about the Chief and Native casualties rather than burning the village. The Natives were up for the fight!

The British and Colonials were first to the canoes. . . then asked if they could burn them! Why not, I thought? We improvised a rule; setting and stoking 3 fire markers (as opposed to 6 for a house) would destroy a canoe. With glee the raiders set upon the canoes!

The next few turns the Natives go on a rampage, firing shots at close range and then charging into hand-to-hand with hatchets and clubs. The Native shooting was deadly accurate, the melees even more so.

When it was over the Natives won a very lop-sided victory. . . but the British Light Infantry finally survived a game by using the cover of a log and refusing melee!

You may have noticed the missing hand on the Sergeant in the photo above. An unfortunate plummet from the edge of the table caused the injury, but he's lived to fight another day!

We got four good games, all very different and all played with spirit and good sportsmanship. I think Jamie did a nice job with the camera, and I sure appreciated his help loading the game into the truck afterward, too.

Now to finish the scenario work for the game for Wiley Wargame Weekend. . . next weekend! You do have your ticket, don't you?! Hope to see you there.


  1. Hopefully a little cement or a brass rod can help repair the battle scar! Beautiful and inspiring game that makes me want to go paint my AIP French and Indian War figures.

  2. Thanks, Reese! Sergeant is already healed and rarin' for action - maybe next weekend at Wiley Wargame Weekend! Hope you're inspired enough to actually paint those minis : )

  3. When you run Fist Full of Lead with 54mm, do you change move distances or anything?

  4. Sorry for the delayed response, Reese. No changes at all for 54mm!

  5. Just stopping by to check out the photos.