Wednesday, June 20, 2012

F&IW scenario for Recruits XX

After some considerable deliberation, I have decided to present a scenario representing The Battle of Quebec, fought on the Plains of Abraham to the west of the fortified city, on September 13, 1759. Our little reenactment at Recruits XX will take place on the 253rd anniversary of the battle, nearly to the day.

The Battle of Quebec was an atypical engagement of the Seven Years' War in North America in that it featured mainly European troops blazing away at each other in the stylized musket lines more typically seen on European battlefields. For some background on the battle, you can look here:
Battle of Quebec. No apologies for the Pro-British stance of the article; they won, after all.

The "pro" of this decision is that I don't have to build any new terrain. The "con" is that I have somewhat close to 140 54mm British and French regulars that need two coats of hand-applied varnish before they will be ready to take their places in the musket lines! Deadlines make things happen : )

Hope to see you at Recruits XX in the Fall!

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