Monday, July 2, 2012

Grenadiers Varnished!

Last week I completed a "company" of Grenadiers of the 47th Foot in preparation for Recruits XX. Two companies of Line Regulars will follow and the 30 soldiers will then represent the 47th Battalion at the Battle of Quebec.

I had to repaint two of the soldiers in order to have a Sergeant and a Corporal for this company. The Corporal is on the far left of the front row and the Sergeant on the far right in the photo above. Following is a photo showing the two soldiers with the originals of the 44th Battalion so you can see better what has been repainted. Note that the yellow facings on the coats and hats were changed to white, and the "linen" waistcoats and breeches provided to the 44th for the Monogahela campaign were painted red instead with white trim and lace.

The troopers of the 44th are on the far left and right; the troopers of the 47th between them.

See ya!


  1. They look awesome, can't wait to see them up close.

  2. Thanks! The two companies of regulars with their colors and commander should get posted this weekend.