Monday, September 2, 2013

And now for something completely different. Romans.

Despite the fact that this blog has been dominated by the F&IW, my primary historical interests lie in the Classical and Hellenistic periods, particularly around the rise of the Roman Republic.

I started gaming this period in DBA and DBM with a 15mm Carthaginian army, then started painting 28mm fantasy for Hordes of the Things. And ever since I have been collecting "naked lead" in both scales thinking I might someday make a commitment to one scale. . . a commitment, of course, dependent upon Roman miniatures I could "love." 

The Xyston Romans convinced me I could commit to 15mm, so I started collecting Greeks, Persians, Macedonians, Indians, more Carthaginians and Romans. . . but couldn't quite let 28mm alone, being a fan of the Foundry Greeks and Macedonians, their later Achaemenid Persian sculpts and their wonderful Caesarian Romans. And of course, collected all of them, too.

I found myself wishing the Foundry Caesarian Romans were earlier Republican Romans, then realized I could make them so by adding feathered plumes (from Crusader Romans) and greaves from the Foundry Centurian models to create Princepes and Triarii. Hastati and Velites would require a bit more sculpting prowess, but were manageable, too.

So this Labor Day weekend I painted to a serviceable wargame standard a 15mm Xyston Princeps and a 28mm kit-bashed Foundry Princeps to put them side-by-side for comparison. I thought it might make my commitment to one or the other easier. . .

What do you think?


  1. Great brushwork!

    I am struggling with the same issue. I have a horde of 28 mm Early Imperial Romans and Celts from Warlord Games which I love and a bunch of mates who play in 15mm.

    I far prefer the 28mm scale as it looks so much nicer on the table and is fun to paint.

    15mm looks great on the table as it looks like an Army has taken to the field and can manoeuvre like one as well.'

    Either way you choose I am sure with your brushwork they will look great!

  2. I knew it was only a matter of time....

    1. Time waits for no one. . . I need ta get ta paintin'!

  3. You can't go wrong with either. The 15mm Xyston figs are gorgeous.

  4. You are absolutely correct, Essjam. Which is why the decision is so hard!

  5. Chris,

    It was nice to finally meet you at Recruits over the weekend. Sorry I didn't stick around long for the French-Indian battle, but the neighboring Bolt Action game had a boardgame look that appealed to Aubrey.

    Here's my 2 cents on 25/28mm vs. 15mm. I love the look of the 25/28s. They offer enough detail that they look great in my curio cabinet or on the me. However, I get really bogged down painting them. I am right at 2 years in this hobby and have built up two pretty nice 25/28mm ACW armies, but I am still far from finished and probably 20 of those 24 months have been dedicated to ACW (I have made a decent amount of terrain too). As for the 15s, I find them to paint up much much faster and they are much easier to store. As you know, I went 15mm with my EIRs. I bought an even mix of OGs and Corvus Bellis. The OGs are okay, but the detail of the CBs is outstanding. Based on your pics, I'd say the Xystons and CBs are on a level plane in detail.
    The Foundrys are gorgeous! I have some Foundrys in my ACW collection and love them.

  6. Hi Jon,

    Thanks for stopping by and it was nice to meet you,too. I completely agree with your two cents re 15mm vs 28mm. Logically, 15mm is the way toward big armies. Unfortunately, I am not always logical about my hobby (stating the obvious, I know) as evidenced by this blog.