Monday, September 30, 2013

Recruits XXII; Game One.

We had eight players in Game One, four on each side, so each player handled 2 units. Both sides used their activations to force their opponents onto the field. The French ended up with their Coeur De Dois in the open north of the northeastern-most homestead, and Natives in the woods on both the south and north edges.

Add the French Regulars on the west edge and the Provincials and Civilians in the western-most homestead were effectively bottled up.

Outside the eastern homestead, the combined firepower of the Provincials and the newly-arrived British Regulars routed the Coeur. While the Rangers screened the Natives in the woods to the south, the Provincials and Regulars marched toward the western homestead in support of their besieged comrades.

 The Natives outside the western homestead manage to start a blaze as the  musket fire from the Irregulars and the Natives at the edge of the woods keep the Civilians pinned down in their now-burning homestead.

The Regulars of both armies now form up and fire away at each other along the east-west road.

At this point we had to call the game for time, and we declared it a draw. The British were about to lose the western homestead to the torch, and with it the units of Civilians and Provincials, and the all-important pack horses inside. The position they established between the homesteads seemed to insure they would not lose the eastern homestead. The French had lost their unit of Coeur De Bois and were close to losing a unit of Regulars. So with each side in "possession" of a homestead, a draw seemed the fair call.

Check back for Game Two later this week. . .

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