Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Can't See The Forest For The . . . File Box?

So the Forest Edge Strips are looking pretty good, but they look like they might not be the sturdiest terrain ever built. "How are you going to store the pretty Strips, not to mention travel to "away" games, without destroying them?". . . I hear you say. I heard you.

I plan to "file" them in Forest File Boxes! The final step of the design process for all of the components of this 54mm project has focused on protection - how to store and transport from Home to Game and Home again. The Forest Edge Strips get their own boxes.

I was already using these watertight hanging file storage boxes (from the friendly local Container Store) for the single large tree trunks and the JG Miniatures trees, so was hoping I would be able to draft more of the same for Strip Service. Turns out I can fit three of the 12" Strips side by side - with room to keep the assorted foliage of the Strips from bumping into their neighbors - with a fourth 10" Strip "crossing the 'T.'"

The 1" foam lining the bottom of the box "grips" the bottoms of the Strips and prevent their sliding around during transport. The 1" foam provided a "happy accident" in that it raised the height of the Strips within the box so that the tops of the "sticks" were just about even with the "slots" originally intended for hanging the file folders. 

This allowed the use of 10" bungee cords (from Menard's, 20 to a box for $5) to "trap" the tops of the sticks to keep the Strips from falling over. I just had to drill holes in the slots with my handy Dremel for the bungees. The little white graphic with the "rubber band" type represents a . . . um, rubber band added to the bungees to hold the 10" Strip in place. Just add the lid and we're ready for the trip to Recruits!

Only 5 more Forest File Boxes to fill!


  1. I think storage solutions like this are a must at larger scales. Very cool idea

  2. Thanks again. I can't believe how much energy I've invested in "storage" : )