Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Afghan Campaign

I so enjoyed Steven Pressfield's story of Alexander the Great, Virtues of War, that I immediately launched into The Afghan Campaign. Where Virtue deals directly with Alexander and his personal mission of conquest, The Afghan Campaign tells the story of new "Mack" recruits joining Alexander's army as it tries to pacify the ancient Afghan frontier.

This is more of a book "recommendation" than my typical "book like." The story is unrelenting and often grim, and I was struck by the modern tone of this work of historical fiction - set in the world of 2,000 years ago! I was intrigued enough to actually seek out Mr. Pressfield's website in search of some insight into his motivation to tell this story. I found this interview really satisfying. Some of the contemporary parallels are obvious; what I found compelling was Mr. Pressfield's take on "the tribe."

I recommend you read the book and the interview.

See ya!

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