Sunday, April 20, 2014

Forest Edge Strips 2.0

2.0? What gives? Although the "wispy bits" that I used to fill in spaces between the bushes and trees look really good, they dry out quickly and become brittle. . . and well. . . they just won't hold up to the rigors of gaming and transport. And despite the fact that I was a bit over half-finished with the Forest Edge Strip project, I decided to look for an alternative to the wispy bits that might prove more durable.

So I went to my local Michaels craft store and scoured the aisles of plastic and silk plants for suitable "scrub and fernage." I found 4 varieties that I thought would work. I decided to experiment on one of the "filler" 8" sections of Forest Edge Strip before going full steam ahead. 

Here are two photos of the result. I am warming to the look, even though the scale of the plants may not work now for 28mm. Plastic definitely meets the durability requirement.



  1. They look stunning. I've been toying with ideas myself and to be honest I thin you've nailed it!

  2. Thanks, Adam. High praise, indeed!