Thursday, November 27, 2014

HOTTs x 3 more!

Bruce and I met at Tower Games a little over a week ago for some more HOTTs. 3 more games, obviously. I brought the Undead, fielding a more Hordes-heavy version this time.

On the far left flank is "Cruella," an Aerial Hero, supported by Flyers. Continuing left to right: Magician General (on a big zombie dragon but still just a Magician), 4 Hordes, Behemoth and 4 more Hordes. The Undead defended all 3 games. We're facing the Sea Kings again; left to right is a Hero General, Riders, Behemoth, 2 Blades, 4 Warband and Shooters sneaking off to the right.

The Sea King Hero General immediately jumped on my Magician General. . .

And sent him back to Hades. . .

With the general dead, I resorted to a desperation move - my Hero versus his Hero. . .

And lost.

A couple Un-dead Hordes later and Game over. Ouch.

In Game 2 the Undead faces a Macedonian Successor army.

It's fun to see a historical army represented in HOTTs elements; left to right is the Hero General supported by Hordes (peltasts), Riders, 4 Spears (phalangites), Riders, Shooters supported by more Hordes. And a God, yet to be deployed. Zeus, of course.
Cruella was sent of to harry the Macedonian rear, which prompted Zeus' appearance. Zeus promptly chased off the Flyers, and then settled into a protracted confrontation with Cruella, slowly driving her back over several bounds toward the main Macedonian line.

And just as the Mac General was about to sweep around the Undead left flank, the Magician ensorceled it!

Then Zeus tired of the fight with Cruella (damnable 1 Pip Roll!) and headed back to Olympus.

Cruella helped the Behemoth mop up the remaining resistance for the Undead win.

For Game 3, the Macs traded Zeus for a Magician.

As the two armies advanced on each other, Cruella was able to work behind the Macedonian line to catch the Magician alone, and kill it.

The Mac Hero General then attacked the Magician and lost (bad dice!), while Cruella swooped down and killed some Riders.

Some pushing and shoving as the two lines crashed together. . .

 . . .as the Behemoth chased the RIders up onto the hill where Cruella helped deliver the coup. 

Game Three to the Undead!
Another 3 fun games, all different from one another. Tower Games made us feel right at home and will be our venue for the next HOTTs game day.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Zeus needs a more formidable miniature to represent him. No wonder he lost.