Sunday, November 2, 2014

Some Colonial American Reading Goodness

Found an interesting new book in the latest ERH catalog: The Pennsylvania Associators, 1747 - 1777. Partial description from Amazon:

Organized on December 7, 1747, at Philadelphia, the Military Association, an all-volunteer military establishment pledged to the defense of Pennsylvania, served as the de facto armed force for Pennsylvania, a colony whose leadership, a loose coalition of Quaker and German pacifists, land barons, and merchants, foreswore military preparedness on religious and ideological grounds. For the Associators, including their most noted supporter, Benjamin Franklin, a defenseless colony was no longer practical. During the War of Austrian Succession and again in the Seven Years’ War, Associators organized defense efforts in defiance of the Pennsylvania colonial leadership. Associators also helped defend American Indian refugees against the infamous Paxton Boys in 1764. By 1775, Associators found themselves as the colony’s only legitimate military leadership and, by capitalizing on electoral gains in the lead up to the American Revolution, Associators assumed offices vacated by former officials. During the critical battles of 1776, the Associators in their distinctive round hats and brown coats proved a decisive asset to the Continental Army.

After playing our first HOTTs game together, Bruce took one look at this blog and asked if I had this book in my library: Fortress America: The Forts That Defended America, 1600 to the Present.

I have it now! The book includes some very good plan drawings of principal forts by Polish illustrator Tomasz Idzikowski that I've not seen elsewhere.

Also a couple new Ospreys with nice artwork and lots of good scenario fodder.

See ya!

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