Sunday, May 1, 2016

Fort William Henry Arrives!

I finally ordered the Barzso Fort William Henry playset. I've wanted it for awhile but didn't really think I "needed" it, and still don't know if I will ever play with it in it's entirety, but now have some scenarios in mind where at least pieces of the fort will play a role. Bottom line. . . it's just cool and I finally gave in. . .

It's big; about 4 foot square. It's made of foam so it's pretty light. Designed for 54mm scale plastic toy soldiers, though not quite the actual scale size of the original fort, it offers a great base for customization that should provide a reasonably authentic set-piece for gaming wilderness-style sieges and assaults. In glorious  54mm, no less! If you look closely in the photo above you can see three "hatmen" of the new John Jenkins' 60th Royal Americans defending the ramparts. Here's another shot, to provide a sense of scale.

Unboxing the fort was definitely a family affair. Here's Lord Percy, lazily supervising the assembly from the comfort of the fort's packing materials. . .

 while Chief Engineer Rocky inspects the finer details of the construction here. . .

Maybe we'll debut the fort at Recruits 2017. Stay tuned.

See ya!


  1. That's a really neat looking fort. Very impressive. Also, I find I'm always under the watchful eye of our two "supervisor" kitties as well.

  2. Yes, it is a beast. A big, cool beast!

    Rod - don't all gamers have cats?