Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The French and Indian War at Recon

What?! That's not the French and Indian War, you say! No. . . it's not. It's a photo of the 15mm Sixteenth Century Samurai game played by the local Centurions at Recon this past weekend, using the Field of Glory rules. In the foreground is the red-armored cavalry of the Ii about to fall on an open flank.

Now for the promised French and Indian War. I hauled my Blooding at Jenkins' Ford scenario - check the TwisterCon labeled posts for background - to Recon to introduce it locally. I had 4 players in the first game, two British and two French; each took one 10-man unit just to get a handle on the rules. As it happened, the two regular units were roughed up and the Rangers decided to beat it when their Provincial allies were routed by the Indians.

For the second game, Bruce (British) took a unit of Provincial regulars and a unit of Rangers, and Greg (French) a unit of Marine regulars and a unit of Indians. Both had a good feel for the rules, This Very Ground, and handled their troops well. The Marines took on the Provincials in the opening volleys, then were put to flight and eventually killed to a man by the Rangers. Meanwhile the Indians managed to work around the flank of the weakened Provincials and then slaughter them in a whooping charge. The game ended in a draw when the last 5 Indians found themselves in the cover of the woods staring at the last 4 Rangers and the Provincial officer across the river in their own wooded cover!

Thank you, Bruce, Greg and George for helping to load the game into the truck afterward!

 See ya!