Friday, April 1, 2016

Game On! I mean. . . Game One!

Here's a brief AAR of our Game One of Blooding at Jenkins' Ford at TwisterCon XII. The scenario is a variation of the Changing Fortunes: Blood in the Forest scenario in the This Very Ground rulebook. Here is the setting, if you need a reminder. The map above shows the positions of both sides' units at the end of turn 2. All were deployed at the edge of the board on their first activation, except for the British Rangers and the French Coureurs who were allowed to deploy anywhere on the board just outside of musket range, to simulate their scouting prowess.

The objective of both combatants was to engage and destroy the enemy and thereby gain control of the ford, which basically meant whoever sustained the fewest casualties would win. The terrain was a balance of open and woodland, so that both regulars and irregulars would have ground they could take advantage of. . . but that open ground would have to be braved to engage the enemy.

Both sides moved aggressively toward the enemy initially, but both then sought the safety of the woods edges as musket fire began to cause casualties.

The attack on the British left stalled as the Regulars and Rangers were content to trade fire with the French Regulars and Indians opposite, while the French Coureurs and Indians pressured the Virginia Provincials in the woods on the other flank. The Provincials tried to take the fight to the French but were eventually overwhelmed.

 "Oh God, here they come!"

Game One goes to the French.

Game Two in the next post. See ya!



  1. Fantastic looking game. The terrain looks great and matches well with the larger figures.

  2. Your stuff is pictured in the dictionary under "miniature porn" ... eye popping awesomeness ... beautifully done sir!! :-)

  3. Thanks, guys. So now I am a "miniature pornographer" : )