Sunday, April 3, 2016

TwisterCon XII: "Blooding" Game Two

In our first game on Friday evening we had 6 players, and for the third game Saturday afternoon we had seven, but for the Saturday game at 9am we only had one player, "Andy." So I suggested we play a game together with just a few units so Andy could get a feel for the rules, This Very Ground, which he had not played before. And I would get to play in a game! 

Andy chose the French so I took the British. We each took one Regular, one Irregular and one Skirmisher unit and deployed on our base edges, per the map above. Then we advanced. . .

I decided to advance my Regulars into musket range so Andy could see how volley fire worked. It was devastating!

Seven of the ten soldiers in my unit were killed, and I rolled the only number on a D10 I could have to fail the subsequent Courage test - 10 - and my remaining 3 soldiers scurried into the cover of the nearest woodline without firing a shot, earning a red "Disruption" marker. Now my right flank looked pretty weak, and the Coureur unit advanced to try to finish them off.

So I pushed my Provincials and Rangers across the river, both into cover, while the French Regulars advanced into the open and the Indians through the woods to meet them.

The Rangers held the Indians at bay, causing some casualties, while the Provincials used the rocky cover to reduce the French Regulars to two cowering survivors.

When the Indians finally crept close enough to charge. . .

 . . . they wiped out the Rangers in hand-to-hand fighting. This success got the Coureurs all fired up and they charged the depleted Regulars, whose Leader had seen the charge forming and attached himself to the unit in the nick of time, adding his "body" to the pending fight.

It's a different story charging into bayonets, and the Frenchmen died to a man, leaving only the brave Leader left alive. Huzzah!

So with only two Regular soldiers and a weakened and disrupted Indian band facing a full-strength unit of haughty Provincials, the French quit the field, leaving Jenkins' Ford in British - Colonial, actually - possession.

 Thank you, Andy, for a fun, fast game - maybe the most fun I've had a convention! 

Next post will feature Game Three. See ya!

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