Saturday, April 9, 2016

TwisterCon XII: "Blooding" Game Three

As noted previously, we had 7 players for Game Three of Blooding at Jenkins' Ford. Here is the scenario description if you need a reminder. It's basically "kill or be killed;" the winner is the side with the most combatants alive at the end.

Here is the troop disposition at the end of the first turn's activations:

Of the three games, this third displayed the most strategizing and cooperation among the team members. The French weighted their right flank heavily and were very aggressive with their Indian allies. There seemed to be a tidal wave of Indians pouring through the woods!

The Indian onslaught forced the Rangers out of the woods on the east side of the river, who formed a sort of "covered square" in the woodline with the British Regulars on the west side of the river.

In the center, a unit of Colonial Provincials left the cover of the woods and received a brutal volley from the French Regulars, which sent back into the woods to lick their wounds.

The effect of this volley seemed to embolden the entire French army and they advanced all along the line, shifting to their right to put more pressure on the British left.

 And as the Indians on the British left stormed across the river and charged the British "square" in the woods, I got so caught up in the action (and figuring modifiers to Courage scores) that I stopped taking photos!

When the Indians killed the Regulars to the last man, with a unit of Provincials nearly wiped out and the Rangers with no option but to run, the British ceded the game. A very dramatic finish to a game played well on both sides.

I think I will take this scenario to Recon in a couple of weeks. I am not sure how many players we will have and the game scales up and down just fine, so we can be flexible as needed. If you're in the Twin Cities on April 23rd, come see us at Recon.

See ya!



  1. Beautifully done as always sir!!

  2. Great pictures and figures!

  3. I just got into FIW 28mm and your blog is great! Very inspirational!!

  4. Thanks, Phil! Welcome PentexRX8. F&IW is a great period to game. I originally planned to dabble in the period with a bit of skirmish gaming but the more I read and learned the more infatuated I became with the visual contrasts and extremes of discipline and savagery displayed and so the project grew and grew. . . and is still growing. Glad to have inspired!

  5. Some of these pics would make a good basis for an oil painting, I c,ant think of a better compliment than that.

  6. Neither can I! Thanks, Belisarius.