Saturday, June 25, 2016

Warlord Open Games Day: F&IW Game Two

Game two of Black Powder on Saturday morning started much the same as the previous Friday night game. We had 6 players again; I had command of the the three Light Infantry units manning the breastworks and The Boy (The Baron's son, Marshal) graciously accepted command of the same units he led in the Friday night game, the French left flank. 

Here are two previous posts for a refresher on the scenario, etc:

The French forces advanced all along the line, shifting their Regulars to the right and moving through the Coureur skirmishers to put pressure on the British breastworks. The ensuing fight for the breastworks became the focal point of this contest, while the British-allied Indians held off their French counterparts on the British left flank.

The British defenses staved off two waves of assaults, losing the Colonial skirmishers and rushing the Grenadiers to the vacated left side of the breastworks.

The game was so closely-run that both sides reached their break point at nearly the same time. . . the British lost only because the "broken" rule kicks in at the beginning of the next turn after break point is reached and it was the British turn!

Next up. . . Game Three.


  1. Really great job.
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  2. Thanks, maximex! I really appreciate your compliment.

  3. This is a really awesome looking game. Makes me wish I'd driven the couple hour drive North. I was really debating it this year, but we had family come into town.

  4. Thanks, Rod. It is an unfortunate fact of like that sometimes family gets in the way of gaming : ) We plan to be at Recruits in Kansas City in September and there is a chance we'll be at TwisterCon again next year.