Sunday, October 9, 2016

Fistful of Lead: Horse and Musket at Recruits Part Two

Game Two fired up on Saturday morning. The scenario and previous game is here. Like The Baron said of his Wild West games, the games kind of run together in my mind now, but I think the British and Colonials drove off the French in this game, with great loss. We had more players than the previous game, so we added some Coureur to the French side and Highland Light Infantry to the British.

In Game Three we swapped the Coureur for French Marines. There was a lot of hand-to-hand combat in this game, and the French and Indians won out.

I didn't get any photos from Game Four, which turned into a real slugfest. The Indians and Marines won again, but the Indians paid dearly in the final assault on the farmhouse.

We had lots of Fistful of Lead fun, and the new Horse and Musket rules capture the period with a cinematic flourish.

See ya!


  1. Chris,

    It was good to see you at Recruits and to finally get the opportunity to play in one of your games. Very impressed as always with your figs and terrain. Nice work.

  2. Thanks, Jon. Always glad to have an opportunity to hang with you and the other Basement Generals. . . and The Baron, of course!

  3. Outstanding display! I also have an extensive collection of John Jenkins figures. Never thought they could be so effectively used in tabletop (or more accurately floortop) game. Your scenery system is splendid and clever. That's the professional graphic designer/wannabe engineer/modelmaker in me talking. Best.

    1. Hi Marc! Thanks so much for checking us out and leaving the kind words. So great to know you have the Jenkins Fever, too! I hope we get an opportunity to play together some day. . . at the very least to continue our discussion around B&T. Bests!