Thursday, September 14, 2017

Repaints and Romulans

I'm getting ready to varnish a unit of John Jenkins Connecticut Provincials, and so needed to paint new uniform colors onto a pair of Sergeants and Officer. Thought I'd take the opportunity to share these, and a couple others who've gotten new uniforms.

On the far left is an officer of the Virginia Provincials, in his original uniform scheme of blue coat with red facings, in the process of getting his new base. To his right is the same officer in the uniform of the New York Provincials, drab coat with buckskin waistcoat and trousers. To his right is the most recent addition to the Connecticut Provincials, in red coat with yellow facings.

On the far right is the original Sergeant of the 60th Royal Americans (a unit with a fascinating history) in red coat with blue facings. To his left is a Sergeant of the Virginia Provincials (his officer is on the far left) in opposite colors: blue cost with red facings. And to his right is one of the new Connecticut Provincial Sergeants, in red and yellow.

Here is the Connecticut unit with its new officers, awaiting their protective varnish. . .

And now some Romulans for my 1/2500-scale Star Trek: Attack Wing project. I bought a Waclawski model of an Enterprise-era Romulan Bird-of-Prey, then after a bit of research discovered the Eaglemoss models were the same scale.

So I added two to my small but growing collection of 1/2500 scale Star Trek: Attack Wing models.

Here is one of the models set up for play on a Cor-Sec flight stand I configured to work with the Star Trek: Attack Wing stands that support the Ship ID and Captain tokens from the game, next to an actual model from the game.

Bigger is cooler : )

See ya!