Sunday, October 8, 2017

Flyers, Behemoths and Hordes, Oh My!

And Magicians and Riders and Knights, too.

A couple weeks ago, Bruce and I played a "duel of the undead lords". . . actually we used the D3H2 rules (DBA 3.0 with the HOTT elements and rules added) and a pair of Undead armies. We played "double-size" games; 48 points with two generals, each of which must be pre-assigned the high and low rolls for the duration of the game. This rule turned out to have a real effect on the first game. Yup, we got in TWO games in the space of one afternoon, speed of play one of the many great features of DBA/HOTT.

My main command consisted of Behemoths, Inexhaustible Hordes and Knights, led by a Mage (Magician), supported by an aerial command of Aerial Hero and 2 Flyers. I assigned the higher die to the aerial command.

Bruce's army was similar. He traded Cavalry (Riders) for Knights and his Hordes were the Exhaustible type (less expensive so he had more of them) and his aerial command had two Aerial Heroes and more Flyers. He assigned the higher die to his ground-based command.

The "Black-based Horde" rolled to defend, determined terrain, deployed first and moved first, per the rules. I started the battle by sending the Knights and the aerials on a "right-hook" while the enemy responded by dropping his aerial command behind by main command in front of my camp, effectively "wrong-footing" me. 

Then Bruce rolled 3 consecutive "1's" for command pips for his aerials, which allowed my Aerial Hero to start rolling up the line of enemy Flyers and for my Mage to magically attack the Aerial Heroes. I was able to ensorcle both Aerial Heroes (see frog and beetle markers in photos), though one did come back and kill my Aerial Hero. . . and was subsequently re-ensorceled in a direct fight with my Mage. And that combined with the current losses broke the "Black-based Hordes." Our main lines of Behemoths and Hordes never got into the battle!

This game went quickly enough we decided to play again, same armies on the same terrain. Only changes were deployment and Bruce assigned the higher die to his aerial command.

This game was different right from the start. The aerial commands with some enemy Cavalry support and my Mage and a small part of my Horde and Behemoth line began skirmishing on my right flank. My Aerial Hero, Cruella, killed one of the enemy Aerial Heroes. The remaining Aerial Hero then attacked Cruella, and both died in the ensuing fight (Heroes both die on ties with "odd" totals)!

With both aerial commands demoralized and effectively neutralized, I sent the majority of my Behemoths and Hordes, along with the Knights, toward the enemy main line of Behemoth and Hordes, Mage behind the Behemoth (cue the foreshadowing music). This assault recoiled the Behemoth into the Mage and along with the total losses, broke the army.

Two really fun and different battles using the same forces and terrain.

Next post will feature our most recent game of Muskets and Mohawks at The Source. Here's a shot of the car loaded up pre-game. See ya!

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