Tuesday, October 24, 2017

D3H2: Germans, Successors and Gauls, Oh My!

Bruce brought out a couple of 25mm Ancient armies, Successors and Gauls, since I don't have anything painted in this scale save my Undead. George brought Germans, and not having a lot of DBA experience, we decided to provide an opportunity for some by playing a one-on-one barbarian slug-fest, Bruce taking his Gauls against George's Germans. I observed. . . and coached a little.

George divided his Warbands into two groups, so one could take advantage of the patch of rough terrain, and waited for the Gallic onslaught. The wait was short; the Gallic Warbands, Cavalry and Light Chariots advanced.

While the rough did protect half the German army, the other half was overwhelmed and killed, the General the last to fall, totally surrounded by howling Gauls!

For Game Two - in the same afternoon - we decided to play a double size game, Gauls against Successors. Bruce took the Gauls and I played the Successors. I organized a larger, main command of Pike, Auxilia, a pair of Scythed Chariots and Psiloi, supported by a smaller mounted command of Knights and a pair of Auxilia to hold the rough ground on my left flank. I was facing mostly Warbands, Cavalry and Light Chariots. I wanted to get my Knights into his Warbands while using my Psiloi in front of my PIkes to blunt the attack of the rest of his Warbands to give the Pikes a bit more advantage.

The battle is tense for several turns after first contact. The Scythed Chariots cause a couple casualties, then are destroyed in turn. The Psiloi do blunt the Warband assault, but several elements of Pike fall prey to Gallic quick-kills, until the Pikes find the Gallic flank. On the Successor left flank, the Knights are more "successful" against their opposing Warbands. When the Gallic General and his Cavalry guard enter the fray in their support of the Warbands, he is killed in a general scrum from which he can't recoil. In the same turn, the Gallic horde reaches its break point. The Gauls are broken; the Successors win the day.

See ya!

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