Monday, August 20, 2012

"Apres Vous, Messieurs Les Anglais!"

Regiment La Sarre has arrived on schedule. Lt. Col. de Senezergues sends his regards.

2 companies of Regulars and a company of Grenadiers (in the red waistcoats below) will represent La Sarre at the Battle of Quebec.

La Sarre needed only minor repaints. Mr. Jenkins has not provided his French regulars with NCOs, so I painted a Sergeant and Corporal for each of the two Regular companies. The Sergeants have lace trim on the edges of their coat cuffs and the Corporals three stripes on each cuff.

About 60 soldiers left to varnish for Recruits!

See ya.


  1. I REALLY want to play this at RECRUITS, but waiting to see the Boy's tournament schedule. I'm supposed to run a game, too.You best save me a spot!

  2. Why, of course there is a spot saved for you, Baron. I scheduled the games - one Friday evening and two on Saturday. You just have to pick your spot : )

  3. Just don't want to end up with that crew that played last time. Cheesedickery!

  4. The downside (and once in a while an upside) of convention gaming. . . you can't hand-pick every player. The balanced scenario should limit opportunities for shenanigans. Can't control the dice, though!

  5. wow chris, just wow. Looking forward to this.

  6. We will have 250 soldiers on the table, mostly regulars. I'm looking forward to it, too.