Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Languedoc? No, the Marines have landed!

Okay, so they're not really marines. They are European regulars recruited by the Ministére de la Marine to serve in the colonies and organized as independent companies known as the Compagnies Franches de la Marine. The officers and drummer are requisitioned Languedoc soldiers. I repainted the standard having read that if the Compagnies carried a flag it might be the Bourbon white cross on a white ground. There are other theories regarding other possible designs, but I quite like the look of this flag, so there it is.

Here are the two companies deployed on the Plains.

Like the La Sarre companies, I needed NCOs for the Compagnies, so I painted on their rank insignia. Sergeants now have lace on the edges of the coat cuffs and pocket flaps;  the Corporals have three rank stripes on the coat cuffs.

Last up is a company of Marines in "campaign attire," veterans with perhaps years of experience in frontier warfare. This is the second of two companies that will defend the fortress city of Quebec at Recruits.

So the French forces are done! I have 25 British soldiers of the 28th Regiment left to varnish and both armies for the Battle of Quebec will be complete.

See ya at Recruits.